Tennis Racket Services

Tennis Services at The Ski Bum

To maintain power and precision on the court, your tennis racquet requires regular service.

*We offer a 24hour turn around time on most racquet stringing.

Racquet Stringing

The more you play, the greater the change in the tension of your racquet strings. We provide custom stringing on your new purchase or restring your trusted racquet to get it back in shape. 

Restringing ensures your game remains in peak form. You may feel that your racquet is losing its control and power. This leads to a loss of control and inconsistent play.

To maintain your style of play you should restring your racquet as many times per year as you play each week.

We carry a variety of string from Babolat, Gamma, Head and Luxilon and we can recommend the best option for your playing style and also do custom string blends.

Replacement stringing cost between $25-$50 depending on which string you choose. Our normal turn around time is 24 hours to have a racquet strung.

Grip Replacement

Having the right grip on your racquet is essenital in placing the ball on the court with the spin and speed you want. We can help determine the right style and size for you, whether you’re picking a new grip or selecting an overgrip.

Over time, your racquet’s grip will begin to show signs of use, either by wearing down in areas your hand contacts or by unraveling. Keep your grip and your game in top shape with our grip installation service.


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