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  1. Airblaster Trencher Full Zip Youth- Tan Daisy

    As low as $111.81 Regular Price $159.95
  2. Airblaster Ninja Suit Youth- Rose Quartz Daisy

    As low as $79.86 Regular Price $99.95
  3. Airblaster Ninja Suit Youth- Light Blue Daisy

    As low as $79.86 Regular Price $99.95
  4. Airblaster Ninja Suit Youth- Hot Big Stripe

    As low as $79.86 Regular Price $99.95
  5. Airblaster Ninja Suit Youth- Pizza

    As low as $79.86 Regular Price $99.95
  6. Boulder Gear Hailey Bib Girl's- Aqua

    As low as $78.26 Regular Price $97.95
  7. Boulder Gear Lea Insulated Jacket Girl's- Purple Cactus

    As low as $87.34 Regular Price $124.95
  8. Boulder Gear Cece Insulated Jacket Girl's- Wild Flower

    As low as $87.34 Regular Price $124.95
  9. Boulder Gear Cece Insulated Jacket Girl's- Confetti

    As low as $87.34 Regular Price $124.95
  10. O'Neill Charm Pant Girl's- Purple Rose

    As low as $83.85 Regular Price $119.95
  11. O'Neill Lite Jacket Girl's- Blue Wave

    As low as $104.82 Regular Price $149.95
  12. O'Neill Printed 1/2 Zip Fleece Girl's- Pink Tie Dye

    As low as $39.91 Regular Price $49.95
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Shop Popular Girls Ski & Snowboard Brands

Skiing and snowboarding are two winter sports that require appropriate outfits to be enjoyed properly. They're also something that can be stylish, especially when it comes to girl’s ski clothes or girl’s snowboard clothes. If you’re looking for snow gear for girls, The Ski Bum has a wide selection of girls snow pants, girls snow accessories, or other outdoor winter gear from some of the best brands around. Go on your next skiing and snowboarding adventure in style with The Ski Bum’s outerwear for girls.

Your One Stop Shop for Girls Outerwear

You don’t have to look far for a shop that features snow gear for girls. The Ski Bum currently has around 109 items for sale across different brands featuring girls snowboard clothes and girls ski clothes. Free shipping also applies for purchases over $49, so you can get multiple girls’ snow accessories and match them with girls’ snow pants or a girl’s ski jacket.

You can shop for:

  • Jackets
  • Snow Pants
  • Accessories
  • Footwear
  • & More


Not only are there different colors in our girl’s ski jacket section, but there are also different cuts and types, such as:

  • Reversible insulator girls ski jacket
  • Girls ski jacket with a hood or fur
  • Girls ski jacket with no hood

Jackets can come in plain colors, two-tone colors, or even vibrant patterns that teens and tweens will enjoy.

Snow Pants

Like boy’s snow pants, there are various girl’s snow pants that come in a range of colors from different brands. Choosing the right girl’s snow pants is important for both skiing and snowboarding as this can affect mobility and keep the leg area protected.

Leggings are also available for skiing or snowboarding trails that require more flexibility and maneuverability.


Having the appropriate snow accessories is also important in keeping your skiing and snowboarding session both safe and enjoyable. The Ski Bum features several snow accessories, which include:

  • Hats and beanies
  • Gloves and mittens
  • Hoods and scarves
  • Masks

All these can help keep you adequately warm and protected from the elements, not to mention stylish, as you go down the slopes.


Wearing the right footwear is a must when you go skiing or snowboarding. A good pair of snow boots with the appropriate fit can let you have more control over your skis or your snowboard. Using the right pair of socks can also affect the fit of your boots so be sure to pick one that’s not too tight or too loose.

Aside from boots and socks, there are also snow slippers available in The Ski Bum’s selection of snow footwear. These fluffy slide slippers can provide comfort after a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

& More

Athletic tees and undershirts are also available in our list of outerwear for skiing and snowboarding. They can be paired with any of the girls’ snow jackets for extra warmth and added style. You can also pair them with girl’s snow pants on or outside of the slopes.

Don’t just settle for any kind of snow gear. Make sure you’re getting the best quality and the most fashionable styles with The Ski Bum’s selection of outerwear for girls.

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