2025 Nordica Enforcer 89 Men's Ski

As low as $749.95
2025 Nordica Enforcer 89 Men's Ski

Nothing compares to a good turn–especially one made with Nordica’s Enforcer 89. A favorite among skiers who spend most of their time on trails, this legendary all-mountain ski carves with confidence and excels on firmer snow. For an especially smooth and stable ride, it showcases a fresh construction that embeds both a wood core and an elastomer Pulse core between two layers of titanal. This also creates an energetic ski that maximizes fun and is incredibly responsive and quick edge-to-edge. Turning is the oldest trick in the book–and thanks to Nordica’s Enforcer 89, it’s still the best.


    • Waist Width: 89mm
    • Rocker Type: All Mountain Rocker
    • Core Type: Wood Core
    • Terrain: All Mountain
    • Bindings Included: No
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