The Blizzard Flip-Core line of skis was booming, but it was missing the happy medium in all-mountain versatility. Fortunately, the new Brahma model alleviates that gap. Prior to the Brahma, Blizzard’s signature Flip-Core rocker offerings were the Bushwhacker (88mm underfoot, no metal, wood core) or the Bonafide (98mm underfoot, full metal, wood core). The Bushwhacker is a great ski that specializes in quick turning, but it can be too soft for some skiers. The Bonafide, on the other hand, was a stiff ski that was a little too wide for some skiers.

The release of the Brahma model successfully blends the best of both worlds in regards to stiffness and width. It has identical dimensions to the Bushwhacker, but with metal in its core, creating a perfect mashup of Bushwhacker and Bonafide.

The final result is excellent, as the Brahma is a highly versatile ski that performs well at high speeds and in many conditions. On groomed runs, the skis hold a very solid edge while carving. The 3mm of camber underfoot creates power that allows you rebound from turn to turn and adds stability at high speeds. The rocker in the tip and the tail enables easy  carving thanks to having more edge biting into the snow.

blizzard brahma skis

Brahma is On The Snow’s Editor’s Choice for 2014

As an all-mountain ski, the main concern for the Brahma would be its performance on un-groomed trails. In soft and choppy snow the Brahma maintains its stability, leaving you with the confidence to attempt different terrains. The skis handle bumps, moguls and glades with ease, resulting in a great multi-dimensional ski.

In essence the Brahma was designed to fill a gap in Blizzard merchandise, but they had already experienced prior success with their other models, so they didn’t want to change what worked. The Brahma simply adds another dimension to Blizzard’s Flip-Core series by combining the best elements of their previous skis. The result is a great all-mountain ski for riders who are looking for a stiff ski with a narrow waist. Its versatility gives you the confidence you need for either skiing down groomed trails or exploring un-groomed runs. Check out the Blizzard Brahma skis for yourself

+Duane Allen